Notice period calculator




Calculate a notice period

Do you wish to terminate the employment contract and do you want to know how much the notice period is? Then use our efficient tool.
You only have to enter the start date of the employment contract and the date of dismissal.

If the employment contract started before 01.01.2014, you must also input the status and the gross salary (if employee).

What is a notice period

Both the employer and the employee can decide at any time to terminate an employment contract of indefinite duration. The employer must always send a registered letter to the employee for this. The employee also has the option to submit his resignation by issuing the resignation letter on which the employer signs for receipt.
The start date of the notice period depends on the time of sending the registered letter. For a cancellation sent by registered letter at the latest on Wednesday, the notice period starts the following Monday.



Duration of notice period

Since the introduction of the unit status, the same fixed notice periods apply to all workers and employees from 01.01.2014.
An exception for a few specific sectors was provided for until the end of 2017, but the same notice periods now apply to all workers and employees.
However, if the employee entered employment before 01.01.2014, the notice period is composed of two parts (the notice period consists of the sum of both parts).
The first part is the calculation before 01.01.2014 and still takes into account the distinction between workers and employees.
The second part calculates the cancellation period in weeks for the period after 01.01.2014.
If the employment contract started after 01.01.2014, only these last terms apply.