Credit management

Every company wants to be paid correctly and quickly. That is very important. Yet there are customers who do not pay. So what do you do as an entrepreneur? You want to keep working together in a positive way.

If your company wants to follow up payments constructively, it is best to seek the assistance of BOFIDI. You can engage us to deploy a credit manager in your company either temporarily or permanently. But we can also help you to select and set up a credit management system such as iController, of which we as BOFIDI are a certified partner.

If your company is not looking for a system to be set up by us or by yourself, you can also join the BOFIDI platform. On this platform, we take care of part of your company’s credit management according to a process that we draw up together. Training and sharing expertise are all included.

We notice that more and more companies are connecting to this platform, from a few hours to a few days a week. Are you also interested? Then be sure to let us know.

Feel free to drop by. The coffee is always ready. Or send us a message. That is also possible.