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At Bofidi, we find it very important that our customers contribute to innovation and digitisation. Add to this their enthusiasm to give the best advice to their customers every day, just like us, and you have the recipe for successful collaboration. But how do our customers experience interaction with Bofidi? And how does Bofidi help them to grow? We prefer to hear from our customers themselves.

In this blog series we let some of our customers testify about their collaboration with the Bofidi team. Today we hear from Pieter Muylaert at Topo-Immo.

One-stop shop

Pieter Muylaert founded Topo-Immo in 2013. This is a surveying and estate agency located in Denderhoutem and since the beginning of this year, also in Liedekerke. Pieter’s team, which has about ten employees, deals with residential property, both sales and rentals. But they also perform topographical activities: land parcelling, surveying, wall acquisitions, inventory of fixtures, valuation reports for banks, and so on.

“We are a one-stop shop in the field of property and topography. We help customers from A to Z and offer tailored advice”, Pieter explains.

Pieter came to Bofidi via a common customer in 2016: “Since 2016, I have had another company in construction projects together with this Bofidi customer. When I saw how Bofidi works for this company, I was convinced at once. I wasted no time in making the switch to Bofidi with Topo-Immo.”

Distance is not an obstacle

“What I particularly appreciate about our collaboration with the Bofidi team is the meticulous follow-up. They keep up to date systematically and go the extra mile compared to other accountants by providing proactive advice”, says Pieter. 

Dirk Saman, Pieter Blyweert and Yannick Bouhajra from Bofidi are responsible for the provision of services with Topo-Immo. “I can contact Dirk with complex questions about takeovers. And Yannick takes care of the bookings. But Pieter is the one with whom I have the most contact. He is the person who advises me and follows everything up meticulously”, Pieter continues.

Both Pieters are often in contact via Teams because the Topo-Immo office is 60 km from the Bofidi office in Kontich. “Distance is not an obstacle,” says Pieter from Topo-Immo. “With my previous accountant, I went to the office with a case full of paper every three months. That is now a thing of the past. Everything is done digitally. And that saves a huge amount of time.”

B-Connected, entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

With our new B-Connected concept, Bofidi is turning words into actions: supporting the growth of entrepreneurs. Visit our new web site B-Connected where you will not only find this blog series with customer testimonials and our webinars, but also our brand new podcast. You can now listen to the first two episodes.

In the first episode we spoke to Dado Van Peteghem at Scopernia and Bart Vermeersch at Gumption about partnerships. In the second episode we talked about the importance of teamwork with Jan Christiaenssen at BlueCliff & Partners and Elly De Bruyn at Quality by Design. You can listen to the podcast on our website or on Spotify.

Perhaps, like Pieter from Topo-Immo, you would like to approach things in a more digital manner and would like to meet one of our experts. You can. Bofidi is a one-stop shop and proactively contributes to accountancy, tax advice, legal advice, business coaching, corporate finance, payroll & HR and internationalisation.

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More about Topo-Immo:

Nieuwstraat 9
9450 Denderhoutem

Stationsstraat 120
1770 Liedekerke