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To say that we are proud would be an understatement. During these tough times and in a topsy turvy world where entrepreneurship is anything but self-evident, our customers have not taken things lying down. To respond to a constantly evolving world, we need to focus on innovation now, more than ever. Our customer, Digi-Flow, is a great example. Bofidi also puts innovation first. We work with the most efficient digital tools, simplifying our customers’ administration, making it more transparent, and taking it to the next level.

In the weeks to come, we’ll be handing the mic to a few customers, to give them the opportunity to share their experiences with our experts during the coronavirus lockdown. In this blog post, co-founder of Digi-Flow, Robert Decant, will be talking about what they do and which innovative services they offer their sector.

Digi-Flow, a smart industry partner

Digi-Flow specialises in automating production processes in the food industry, pharmaceutical sector, logistics, etc. This Wilrijk-based company commits itself to innovation by transforming traditional industry into ‘smart factories’. How? They offer a total package that includes software development for integration of new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with existing industrial and ICT platforms.

Digi-Flow engineers made it their highest priority to continue supporting their customers during this exceptional period. They understood that especially during the coronavirus crisis, their customers’ production could not afford to be compromised. So, it’s been up to us, as a Digi-Flow partner, to ensure that we remain a bedrock they can count on. We interviewed Robert Decant to find out how he experienced our partnership, especially during these unprecedented circumstances.

‘During the lockdown, Bofidi’s experts remained incredibly accessible. Quarantine measures had absolutely no effect on the progress of our files. Video conferences were smooth and well-organised. The required specialists were always available to answer our questions,’ says Robert Decant, Co-founder of Digi-Flow.

For Bofidi, nothing could be more clear. Supporting entrepreneurs to get the best out of their business will remain a top priority even in the post-coronavirus crisis period. And that means that when we notice customers like Digi-Flow also turning around to provide innovative solutions and offering added value that way, we burst with pride. We’re proud to be a trusted partner of this growing, innovative company. Keep it up, Digi-Flow!

B-connected, entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Bofidi’s B-connected means putting our money where our mouth is and helping entrepreneurs grow. Keep an eye on our new page, B-connected, because next week we’ll be launching our very first podcast. The subject is ‘Partnerships’, but to find out more, you’ll have to listen… Don’t miss it and follow us on LinkedInFacebookInstagram and YouTube.

In the next blog post, you’ll be hearing from Methis Consulting’s Bart van den Berghe. Stay tuned for more!

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