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At Bofidi, our top priorities are listening to the person behind the entrepreneur, detecting their needs, providing solutions, and offering custom advice. How does that work for Bofidi customers in practice, though? What role does Bofidi play?

In this second blog post from a series that allows Bofidi customers to share their accounts of what it’s like to work with us, we’ve invited Bart Van den Berghe, Director at Methis Consulting, to share a few words.

Efficient, digital and customer friendly

Methis Consulting is a business consultancy company that specialises in process optimisation at energy and public transport companies. Their customers include Engie, Eneco, Fluvius, De Lijn, SNCB/NMBS and Brussels Airport.

Their mission is to get companies operating more efficiently, digitally, and in a customer-friendly way. In-house projects are used to simplify, digitise, and automate processes at their customers’ offices.

Methis Consulting has been a Bofidi customer for years and they haven’t regretted a single second of their cooperation. ‘Bofidi is a people business just like Methis Consulting,’ says Bart Van den Berghe. ‘We have an excellent relationship with Toon Vanhaeren, our Relationship Manager at Bofidi. He’s always there for us. He also picks up on when something is urgent and has no trouble getting started on it straight away.’

Sparring partner and confidential advisor

But that’s not all.  Bart: ‘Toon brainstorms with us at the entrepreneurial level and looks for how we can do better business. It goes without saying that the accounting entries and VAT return should all be done properly, but we’re also looking for an accountant that can be a great sparring partner, who can brainstorm with us about certain ideas. When we go over our company’s annual figures with Bofidi, Toon has already thought ahead and suggests improvements and solutions.’

Hearing this from our customers is a real feather in our cap. And that’s because the goal Bofidi aims for day in and day out is to be a trusted partner for our entrepreneurs. Naturally, that doesn’t just apply to Bofidi partner Toon Verhaeren, something he confirms personally: ‘At Bofidi, there is a team of experts behind every relationship manager at work behind the scenes to keep everything on the right track. We think along with the customer about new opportunities and enjoy brainstorming about complex issues.’

To conclude, Bart van Methis Consulting weighs in: ‘I am more than happy to recommend Bofidi to any entrepreneur who wants to make headway but is struggling with certain issues.’

Trust and challenge are key values at Methis Consulting, just like at Bofidi. And that’s exactly what makes our partnership such a success. Thank you, Methis Consulting employees, for your trust and commitment. Is it clear yet why Bofidi feels like such a proud partner?

B-connected, entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Bofidi’s new B-connected concept means we are putting our money where our mouth is by helping entrepreneurs grow. Why not visit our new  B-connected web page? Not only will you discover the customer testimonial blog series and Bofidi webinars, but you can also check out our brand-new podcast. The first episode is about partnerships and is an interview with Scopernia’s Dado Van Peteghem and Gumption’s Bart Vermeersch. You can listen to it on our website or on Spotify.

Perhaps, like Methis Consulting, you’d be interested in meeting one of our experts and sharing the ins and outs of your situation with them. There’s no time like the present! Bofidi is a one-stop shop that proactively thinks along with you in the fields of accountancy, tax advice, legal advice, business coaching, corporate finance, payroll & HR, internationalisation and SME portfolios.

Have you already caught on to the fact that Toon, who assists Methis Consulting’s Bart Van den Berghe, isn’t just a Bofidi partner, but is also our film star? After all, he played the lead role in our own Bofidi branding film.

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In the next blog post, you’ll be hearing from Bustique’s Sien De Vos. Stay tuned for more!

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