PKF BOFIDI is expanding its services with B-Grants


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As part of our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the best possible care and support, PKF BOFIDI is launching B-Grants, its new grant department.

Your success is our success

At PKF BOFIDI, we understand that every business trip is unique and that as an entrepreneur you are constantly looking for opportunities to enable your business to grow and flourish. That is why we are expanding our services to support you in finding grant opportunities and translating them into successful grant projects.

What does this mean for you?

Our grant department includes a team of experienced grant experts who focus on identifying grants and government support measures relevant to your business. The team helps you to prepare detailed grant applications and dossiers, monitor the progress of applications and ensure compliance with grant eligibility conditions.

How do you benefit from this?

By making use of this new service, you can:

  • Apply for potential financial support at each stage of your business through:
    • Grants related to:
      • Start-up activities
      • Investments
      • Funding
      • Innovations
      • Training
      • Sustainable business practices
      • International business
    • Fiscal incentives (exemption from payment of payroll withholding tax, innovation income deduction, increased investment deduction)
  • Save more time and resources when applying for grants.
  • Be assured of expert guidance to ensure that you meet the grant eligibility requirements.

How does it work?

Based on our extensive experience in the world of grants and our systematic approach, through a no-nonsense approach we can help you to identify the right grant opportunity at the different life stages of your company and prepare a successful application from A to Z (coordination, development, writing and management of your project).

How does it work:

  • Reactive: You contact us or your regular contact at PKF BOFIDI with a question, an idea or an opportunity. Based on this, we work with you to find suitable grants.
  • Through a grant scan. PKF BOFIDI has a clear and concise grant scan that we supply you with digitally and in which we ask you about your interests using a number of questions. Based on this, we can filter the support measures and find out which grants you are eligible for now or in the future. By creating a database, we can relate your data to the conditions of the grant call when launching new calls.
  • Through an introductory meeting: We would be happy to visit you for an introduction and to familiarise you with the grant landscape. A simple, low-key approach that often leads to great results.

Our BOFIDI experts will be pleased to help you

Do not hesitate to contact your regular contact at PKF BOFIDI or our team for a no-obligation appointment where we will be happy to listen to your ideas, needs and wishes and can support you accordingly.