Privacy Policy

Who is responsible for processing Your personal data?

Your personal data is processed by the firms listed below, which collectively form the Bofidi group.

  • Bofidi BV CVBA, Raymond Delbekestraat 373, 2980 Zoersel (BTW nr. BE 0680.517.554)
  • Bofidi Advisory CVBA, Tervurenlaan 32, 1040 Etterbeek (BTW nr. BE 0450.460.971)
  • Bofidi Antwerpen BV CVBA, Prins Boudewijnlaan 5, 2550 Kontich (BTW nr. BE 0823.291.260)
  • Bofidi Brabant BVBA, Meiboom 22, 1500 Halle (BTW nr. BE0424.874.945)
  • Bofidi Brussels BV CVBA, Cantersteen 47 – Central gate, 1000 Brussel (BTW nr. BE 0430.460.971)
  • Bofidi Consulting NV, Prins Boudewijnlaan 5, 2550 Kontich (BTW nr. 0836.993.796)
  • Bofidi Gent BV CVBA, Kortrijksesteenweg 1126 A, 9051 Sint-Denijs-Westrem (BTW nr. BE420.017.819
  • Bofidi Leuven BV, Interleuvenlaan 62, 3001 Leuven (BTW nr. BE0820.920.403)
  • Jurilex NV, Kortrijksesteenweg 1126 A, 9051 Sint-Denijs-Westrem (BTW nr. BE 0414.741.415)

Obviously you can contact any of the addresses above for questions relating to privacy. Or, better still, email our privacy experts at

What data does Bofidi process?

With regard to clients, service providers and business relations, Bofidi may process one or more of the following types of personal data, depending on the service performed by Bofidi or the relationship between the person concerned and Bofidi:

  • Surname and first name
  • Email address
  • Telephone and/or cell phone number
  • Searches and surfing behaviour on the Bofidi website, IP address, browser type
  • Cookies: see cookie policy
  • Birth date and place
  • National registration number and/or identity card number
  • Marital status and nationality
  • Bank account number
  • Overview of assets and income
  • Overview of liabilities and debts
  • Loans and financial information
  • Pension details and other social security details
  • Gender
  • Details of family composition and form of cohabitation

Employee-related data that is processed by Bofidi can be found in the privacy documents attached to the employment contract.

The retention period depends on the type of data and is determined by law in the majority of cases. More information can be obtained on request. 

Why does Bofidi process Your personal data?

Bofidi takes great care to ensure that Your data is processed legally and in compliance with the privacy legislation. Your personal data will therefore only be processed on a number of legal grounds.

  • Legal grounds

Bofidi is obliged to process and/or store some data due to particular legal provisions of, for example, a social, employment or fiscal nature.

  • Contractual grounds

The main reason for processing personal data is that it is necessary on contractual grounds, for the performance of Bofidi’s contractual obligations. These grounds include, for example – but are not limited to – Bofidi’s obligations as an employer (employment contract), as a service provider (client contracts) and as a business partner. 

  • Bofidi’s legitimate interests

Bofidi is also entitled to use certain personal data for research, marketing, the improvement or expansion of its services and for sending its own, very specifically targeted and relevant informative messages, newsletters and advertising. Bofidi does not pass on data to any companies outside the group for these purposes. Any mailing sent on legitimate grounds will be subjected internally to very careful prior scrutiny, with the protection of privacy as the main concern. 

  • Approval for sensitive data

It is possible that Bofidi may in some cases have to deal with sensitive personal data. In most cases Bofidi will be legally obliged to process this data, for example, as part of a tax return (national registration number, dependent children, etc.). As Bofidi considers privacy to be extremely important, it will also, where necessary, ask for approval to process this sensitive data.

What are Your rights as the person concerned?

In accordance with the applicable privacy laws and in particular the provisions of the GDPR, You as the person concerned have the following rights.

  • The right to be informed. You as the person concerned have the right to be informed about which of Your personal data Bofidi processes and/or keeps, in as far as that is not clear from the present privacy statement;
  • As the person concerned, You can always request access to and inspection of the personal data that is processed by Bofidi;
  • In the event that certain data is incorrect or incomplete You have a right to correct this data;
  • If You wish to change processing manager, Bofidi will – in as far as that is technically possible – transfer Your data to a new service provider, if You specifically request this;
  • If You are not satisfied with the way in which Bofidi handles Your personal data You can always file an internal complaint withBofidi, which will do its best to respond to Your complaints. If this attempt at conciliation is not successful, a complaint can be filed with the data protection authority;
  • Finally, You may oppose the processing or storage of certain data, in which case Bofidi will remove said data, if it is not required by law or by regulations to keep the data for a certain period, or if Bofidi is not prevented from deleting this personal data on judicial or administrative grounds. In that case the person concerned will be informed and the data will be saved but no longer processed. Invoking this right may mean that Bofidi is forced to discontinue its provision of service to You.

The abovementioned requests will only be dealt with if they are motivated and are submitted in writing by letter or by email to In order to be able to deal with Your requests quickly, we ask You to identify yourself with a copy or scan of Your identity card.

Bofidi undertakes to respond to and/or to deal with the abovementioned requests as quickly as possible, free of charge and in a comprehensible way.

Bofidi reserves the right to enter into dialogue with the person concerned before complying with the request. Bofidi can refuse a request when the person concerned clearly already has this information at his or her disposal, when the request is not motivated, when a person fails to prove that s/he is the person concerned, if it would demand unreasonable effort to provide the information requested, if it is technically impossible to provide it or if it is not possible to comply with one of the requests within the requested time limit.

Your personal data and third parties

Your personal data is only passed on to third parties if that is necessary for the services Bofidi provides. In order to guarantee the protection of personal data, Bofidi has – after a due diligence investigation – concluded a third-party processing agreement with these third-party processors, so that the protection of Your personal data remains guaranteed.

Some third parties to whom the data is entrusted may be located abroad, in that case Bofidi takes extra care to guarantee the protection of personal data.

Security of personal data

Bofidi has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to guarantee the security of Your personal data. Amongst other things, the company uses the latest security software.

Bofidi also implements a strict password policy and all Bofidi’s employees are informed about the dangers of data leaks and how to prevent them.

Data leaks

A data leak is a breach of the security of personal data which results in the unauthorised or unlawful disclosure, dissemination, loss, alteration or destruction of certain personal data.

Since this type of incident always comes as a surprise, Bofidi has made all reasonable preparations to prevent a data leak turning into a catastrophe.

Bofidi pays the necessary attention to the prevention of such incidents by training and informing its employees, ensuring third-party processors’ protection criteria and setting up a privacy team that closely monitors all questions concerning privacy.

However, should such an incident occur, Bofidi has developed internal procedures, some in consultation with an external law firm, in order to obtain an insight into the problem quickly, to carry out an investigation into the seriousness and extent of the breach and, finally, to make a correct assessment of further consequences.  

Bofidi is insured for this sort of incident.


Bofidi takes the protection of Your privacy seriously. Nonetheless, You may have a question about the protection of Your personal data by Bofidi. In that case, please contact our privacy team at