Many entrepreneurs have specific questions about taxes and VAT. With BOFIDI, you have come to the right place. Our experts support, advise and inform. They are abreast of the latest changes. And are happy to help you, for example by using a VAT scan that reveals all the risks and opportunities for your company.

These are some examples for which our experts can provide you with support:

  • Establishment of VAT units,
  • VAT and real estate,
  • international transactions (import, export, intra-Community transactions, triangular traffic, chain transactions, outsourced services, VAT and customs warehousing),
  • VAT and the public sector, non-profit organisations and associations,
  • conclusion of agreements, regularisations and tax audits,
  • foreign companies with their Belgian VAT obligations (registrations, submission of declarations, etc.)

Do you have a specific question that you would like to put to one of our advisors? We heed your challenges.

Come and visit us. The coffee is ready. Or send us a message. That’s another option.