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BOFIDI and Bizzcontrol have entered into a partnership, based on a shared mission to offer entrepreneurs valuable services. With this partnership, Bofidi aims to provide entrepreneurs with the best possible advice for growth.

At BOFIDI, growth is our main focus – everyone’s growth, the entrepreneurs’ and the employees’.

We are on a mission

And our mission is crystal clear: to offer high-quality service with a high level of commitment, proactive communication and valuable personal contact. To be a confidant and a sounding board for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to grow.

You don’t grow alone

Bizzcontrol helps accountants to provide proactive advice that is tailored to the entrepreneur and scalable.

Thanks to the partnership with Bizzcontrol, we now have a tool at our disposal, based on smart software, with which we can easily acquire and provide insights for future-oriented entrepreneurship.

Complex figures are displayed in understandable interactive, visual overviews. This allows us not only to look at the past, but also to focus more purposefully on the future.

“We continue to innovate and respond to the wishes of our entrepreneurs. Today that involves providing dynamic, proactive services. After a successful pilot project, it quickly became clear that Bizzcontrol is a valuable partner in this”, says Johan Peeters, CEO of BOFIDI. “We can also use this tool to help our employees grow in their role as advisors. It’s an evolution within our sector that we cannot ignore and which we want to strongly support.”

“We are always looking for accounting firms that share our mission to make entrepreneurs better. BOFIDI’s clear vision of exceeding their clients’ expectations by providing proactive advice ensured a perfect match. Thanks to the commitment of the entire BOFIDI team, I am convinced that we can grow BOFIDI’S clients as well as its employees.”


BOFIDI is a reference in the field of accountancy, tax, and legal and financial consultancy for entrepreneurs in Flanders and Brussels, including when they branch out abroad.

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About Bizzcontrol

Bizzcontrol was founded with the mission of helping entrepreneurs make better business decisions, based on their financial figures, in order to grow their businesses.

They do this with accounting firms that share their mission. With their user-friendly and directly applicable software, they enable accountants to become even better advisors for their clients.

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