BOFIDI Expertises can be appointed as an expert in civil or commercial cases or by private clients.
Courts, mediation committees, courts of appeal, arbitration chambers, curators, but also private parties involved in a conflict may rely on us. With a multidisciplinary team of passionate and highly educated experts, BOFIDI Expertises can put together a specialized and customized team. It is possible to call upon our in-house criminologist – forensic auditor, tax consultants, accountants and financial experts. Our team is trained to think out of the box and to combine different disciplines in order to sketch the bigger picture and provide optimal advice.

Court expert

In case of contradictory expertise, BOFIDI Expertises can be asked to make an evaluation of the damage suffered, the compensation due, the price to be paid, the advantage obtained, etc. between the parties. BOFIDI Expertises can be appointed by one or both parties, or by the Court or the Tribunal.
In contradictory cases, an attempt is always made, prior to our investigation, to reconcile the parties.

Technical advisor

BOFIDI Expertises also puts its experience and know-how in the field of legal expertise at the service of private clients.
In case of financial disputes, uncertainties or suspected irregularities such as fraud or non-compliance, BOFIDI Expertises can conduct both investigations and consultancy.

Below are some of the types of disputes for which BOFIDI Expertises can be appointed

  • Execution of valuations
  • Analysis of accounting documents
  • Calculation of compensations
  • Calculation and assessment of financial damage
  • Acting as technical advisor in court cases
  • Alimony in divorce cases
  • Conflicts between shareholders
  • Valuation of shares
  • Requesting and analysing commercial information and annual accounts
  • Compensation in the event of termination of concessions/agencies
  • Verification of accounting and financial information
  • Fraud investigation (forensic auditing)
  • Technical assistance with division in divorce cases
  • Assistance to the curator in case of bankruptcy
  • Analysis of the bank and bank investigations


BOFIDI Expertises is headed by Esty Maricou, who is officially registered in the National Register of Legal Experts.
She is also a Certified Accountant at the ITAA and a Certified Forensic Auditor.

If you would like to know more about our expertise department or if you would like to call on an expert, please contact Esty Maricou.
She will be happy to assist you. Click here.

Esty Maricou
Tel. +32 2 486 55 26

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