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Matthias Verbueken

Matthias is part of the Tax & Legal team.

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Innovation in 2021

In 2021, innovation is one of the most important drivers of continued growth for many companies in an increasingly complex world. After all, an innovative company is the first to be ready to meet the new requirements of its customers. In a rapidly developing world, innovative action is therefore crucial with an eye to the future.

In recent years furthermore, the government has imposed a whole series of innovation measures, including in the area of taxation, to encourage companies to operate innovatively. We understand that it is not always easy to individually assess which innovation measures are applicable to each company in the labyrinth of current fiscal measures.

The solution: our innovation scan

BOFIDI has therefore developed the innovation scan for companies, a clear and convenient tool for establishing which innovation measures apply to your company.

With this tool, you can create a clear picture for your company of the existing possibilities in the field of innovation. In the scan, we focus on the possibilities of applying for subsidies for innovations such as research and development projects, but also on some fiscal measures, including the innovation rebate.

In addition, the innovation scan can identify a number of optimisations that have a direct impact on the results of your company. For example, if your company deploys personnel for research and development, then you enjoy a partial exemption from the withholding tax paid for these employees.

How do we operate?

We always strive for an integrated, structured and personal approach tailored to our customers, as is also the case with this innovation scan.

The first step: collecting information

With an innovation scan, we first schedule an interview with someone from your company who has an insight into both the technological and financial side of the company. These may possibly be different people.

Our experts adhere to this step as far as possible so that we barely need 2 or 3 hours for the entire discussion.

Second phase: composing a memo

In the second phase, we get to work with your information. That means that we draw up a brief memo in which we explain various innovation options tailored to your company. This enables your company to identify opportunities and take the necessary steps. We know from experience that such an innovation scan has a positive impact on your company directly. If action points are not immediately forthcoming, then we provide recommendations for future innovation developments.

You will see how an innovation scan by BOFIDI allows your company to identify and implement important optimisations in an accessible way.

Curious to know what such an innovation scan has to offer your company? Or would you like more information? Then please contact Matthias Verbueken and Aleksandr Natanelov from Bofidi Tax & Legal.