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Often when entrepreneurs grow, their accounting and advisory needs grow and change with them. And that’s where Bofidi steps in as the perfect trusted partner. Palais des Thés is proof. They became a Bofidi client at the start of 2020 because they needed a different approach to reporting and accounting. How that went exactly and what their results have been until now is what Palais des Thés’ Vincent Bouchendhomme will be telling us about in our latest blog post.

This blog post is part of a series of interviews with a handful of our clients. Interested in their stories? Visit our B-Connected page to read our previous posts.

A passion for tea

The French brand Palais des Thés arrived in Belgium in 2001. Today, they have seven shops in Brussels and Wallonia and the company employs around 45 people. You can taste 300 varieties of tea from all over the world in their fantastic shops. Vincent Bouchendhomme is one of three Palais des Thés partners in Belgium. ‘We want everyone to discover tea. We also offer our ‘Grand Crus’. Those are the tea varieties that we personally pick on the plantations and offer in our selection. That way, even the most ardent tea enthusiasts become acquainted with tea varieties they’ve never tasted before.’

Simple, friendly, and professional

Palais des Thés became a Bofidi client at the beginning of 2020. ‘Our profession had evolved in recent years, and we required more accurate, analytical reporting on our figures. We ended up with the Bofidi team of Sarah, Brenda, and Besiki on our banker’s advice. The communication instantly got off to a great start. They took over our accounts for 2019, reviewed the basis, and launched a new structure. The initial analytical report at the end of June offered us a huge advantage straight away. In a nutshell, we especially appreciate Bofidi’s simplicity, friendliness, and professionalism.’

Real-time overview

Vincent has immediately seen the benefits that partnering with Bofidi has on Palais des Thés. ‘The biggest result is that we now have a clearer overview of our figures – almost in real-time. That means we can respond more rapidly and make adjustments where necessary. To make that happen, we co-create with Sara, a member of the Bofidi team. ‘Right,’ says Bofidi partner Sarah, ‘It’s much easier for Vincent and his colleagues to keep track of everything now. We present the results, discuss everything together, and then – in close consultation with them – adjust certain things where needed.’ ‘Digitisation is new to us as well,’ Vincent continues. ‘There’s no more paperwork. It’s much more efficient and saves us quite a lot of time.’ To conclude, he adds: ‘We’ve already recommended Bofidi to other entrepreneurs, and naturally we look forward to a long and successful collaboration.’

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More about Palais des Thés:

Palais des Thés has 4 branches in Brussels, 1 in Liege, 1 in Namur and 1 in Louvain-La-Neuve