YouCtrl becomes BOFIDI Consulting

Barbara Vervoort   |  

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YouCtrl becomes BOFIDI Consulting on 7 September. YouCtrl currently specialises in IT services for SME financial departments. BOFIDI had already spotted this company’s tremendous potential back in 2015. At the time, BOFIDI, in partnership with the Gumption Group, supplied them with knowledge and capital. This, combined with the recruitment of Christophe Van Olmen to YouCtrl in 2018 as management ensured solid growth. Following this success story, Gumption is now selling its YouCtrl shares to BOFIDI, where Christophe Van Olmen is a partner. That way YouCtrl becomes a fully-fledged member of the BOFIDI group. And as of 7 September, it will also acquire a new name – BOFIDI Consulting.

‘It is a tremendous honour to strengthen our partnership with YouCtrl. BOFIDI’s goal as a trusted partner is to help Belgian companies grow by offering them a one-stop-shop in the field of finance. The addition of YouCtrl simply underscores that objective even more’, says Johan Peeters, BOFIDI CEO.

We wish all 35 YouCtrl employees a warm BOFIDI welcome.