Becoming a self-employed during a partial career break

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Since 1 August 2019, it has been possible to partially interrupt a career as an employee or civil servant, receive a benefit for it and meanwhile exercise a self-employed activity. Previously this was only possible in the event of a complete career break.

This concerns both the classic career break (public sector) and time credit (employees in the private sector), and the various types of thematic leave, such as parental leave, sick leave and palliative leave (in the public and private sectors).

What conditions have to be met?

In order to combine a partial career break – for which one receives a benefit – with a self-employed activity, the following conditions must be met:

  • The self-employed activity must have been exercised for at least 12 months before the career break. It is therefore prohibited to start a self-employed activity during the part-time career break.

There is also a time limit. The self-employed activity can only be combined with a benefit for:

  • 24 months in the case of a reduction of 50% of the usual number of working hours in a full-time job.
  • 60 months in the case of a reduction of 20% or 10% of the usual number of hours in a full-time job.

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