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A new branch within BOFIDI is born.
With BOFIDI Expertises, headed by Esty Maricou, we are happy to offer our expertise to third parties.

BOFIDI Expertises can be appointed as expert or advisor in civil or commercial cases or by private clients.
Courts, mediation committees, arbitration chambers, curators, but also private parties involved in a conflict can call upon our brand new department.

With a multitude of relevant diplomas and a decade of experience in both legal expertise and traditional accountancy, Esty has the required know-how to bring diverse assignments to a successful end, according to the rules of the art.
In addition to her extensive experience and knowledge, Esty can also rely on a multidisciplinary team of driven and highly educated experts within BOFIDI.
Hence, BOFIDI Expertises is exceptionally well armed to tackle the most diverse problems.

Esty is enthusiastic and determined: “The advantage of BOFIDI Expertises is the ability to put together a specialised, customised team. We can call on a criminologist – forensic auditor, tax consultants, accountants and financial experts. Our team is trained to think out of the box and to combine different disciplines to be able to sketch the bigger picture and provide optimal advice. Now I am officially registered in the National Register of Legal Experts, we can start with BOFIDI Expertises”.

If you would like to know more about our brand new expertise department or if you would like to call on an expert, please contact Esty Maricou.

She will be happy to help you.

Tel. +32 2 486 55 26