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All companies liable for VAT are required to submit an annual client listing in addition to their periodic VAT and intra-Community declarations.
This listing must be prepared with due care. Non-submission, late or incorrect submission can lead to significant fines. We briefly explain the most important modalities below.

What is a client listing?

The client listing, VAT listing or client list is a list of all clients with a Belgian VAT number to which a company has supplied goods or services totalling more than Euro 250.00 (excl. VAT) during a calendar year.

Who must submit a client listing?

All companies liable for VAT are required to submit this listing in principle.
A company liable for VAT which is required to submit a client listing can be either a company, sole proprietorship or non-profit association.

Companies which only perform exempted transactions set out in Article 44 of the VAT Code do not have to submit a client listing.

Mixed taxpayers, however, are required to submit a listing but do not have to include the exempted activities (here you can read more about companies with mixed liability for VAT).

If there are no transactions, or only transactions that should not be included (see below), a nil listing must also be submitted.

The liability also applies to small businesses with a turnover of up to Euro 25,000 which have opted for the exemption scheme. If such a small business has not carried out any transactions which require inclusion, then no nil client listing should be submitted.

When should the client listing be submitted?

The listing is always drawn up per calendar year (regardless of the closing date of the financial year) and must be submitted before 31 March each year. The deadline for submission is therefore 30 March.

If a taxpayer ceases activity or only performs exempted transactions, a listing must be submitted within three months of this change for the period of the year for which the company was still liable to VAT.

How should the client listing be submitted?

The client listing should be submitted electronically via Intervat.
The same applies to a nil listing, unless the box designated for this purpose was ticked in the last VAT return of the calendar year.

Which clients should be included?

The list should include all clients with a Belgian VAT number to which the company has supplied goods or services.

Clients covered by a special scheme such as the exemption of small businesses or agricultural legislation should also be included.

The following must be specified for each of these clients:

  • The Belgian VAT number of the client;
  • The total amount of turnover realised per client excluding VAT;
  • The total amount of VAT charged per client.

Which clients should not be included?

The following clients should not be included:

Belgian VAT numbers to which goods or services were not supplied for more than Euro 250 excluding VAT during the calendar year.

Clients not liable for VAT. These can be private individuals, but also non-taxable legal entities or companies not liable for VAT which only carry out exempted transactions without the right of deduction.

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